February 6, 2017



How much should I pay to use Woopa?

You don't pay anything. It's totally FREE. Enjoy it!

What items can ask for?

You can ask for ANYTHING YOU WANT as long as is possible to get and is legal (see our Terms of  Service).

How can I receive a gift?

  1. Create a New Item, make sure the status is "Available" when you post it.
  2. Wait for your friends to select "Give" (they offer a gift to you).
  3. You will not know who is going to give you the item until you received. It's a secret!
  4. You should receive your gift by the date specified by you or by your friend, otherwise the item will be marked as "Expired".

How can I deliver a gift?

  1. Go to page "Friends", click the name of your friend, and see all the items your friend wants.
  2. Click "Give" to the item you want to deliver and confirm your promise. The item will be added to your "Gifts" page.
  3. Buy or get the item from the store or whatever the item is.
  4. Send it to your friend by the specified date. You may read the item information at any time in the page "Gifts".

Why I can not see all the items my friend wants?

The reasons might be:

  1. Your friend doesn't want that item to be public, the item status is "Hidden".
  2. The date of the item is expired.
  3. Someone already promised that gift to your friend. This is to avoid duplicated gifts.

What if someone cancels a gift?

You may cancel a gift if you think you can't keep your promise. However, this action is irresponsible. You may get reported by other users when you cancel gifts frequently or when you don't deliver the items as you promise.