Introducing Woopa!

Getting things just got easier!

Woopa helps you to create and share items you wish to have. You can also see what your friends are asking for that special day.

It’s easy as it sounds. Give it a try, have fun, and enjoy it!


Key Features:

– FREE: You get all our premium features and services for free.

– FRIENDLY: We achieved a great design that makes the interface easy to use. No complicated or tricky functions.

– PRIVATE ITEMS: You can choose which items are visible to your friends and which ones are visible only to you.

– PINCH ITEMS: You can easily add to your wish list other items posted by your friends with just one click.

– HOT ITEMS: Each item keeps a counter so you can see how trendy your items become through the network.

– TRACK YOUR GIFTS: A gift is automatically added to your list of gifts when you promise to make a gift to your friends and tells you the exact date she/he is expecting to receive it. No more important dates missing.

– SECRET GIFTS: The name of the person who promises a gift will remain anonymous until the item is received or until it is cancel.

– NOTIFICATIONS: Receive real-time alerts when a friend promises a gift for you, when is canceled or when your friend received the gift you sent to her/him.

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